Sonnet for Baguettes

In yonder kitchen, where the fire doth glow,
I toil and labor, with a heart sincere,
To shape a loaf, with hands that deftly know,
The art of bread, to bring delight and cheer.

With flour fair, I measure and I pour,
And add the yeast, to make the dough arise,
Then knead and fold, with love and skill galore,
As time and patience lend their sweet surprise.

The dough, like clay, beneath my hands doth yield,
As I shape and stretch, with tender care,
A slender form, a baguette to wield,
A masterpiece, with crust so crisp and rare.

Oh, baguette! Thou art a work of art divine,
A testament to taste, and bread’s design.
Sonnet for Baguettes 1

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